ART for AIR is a visionary initiative that harnesses the power of art and creativity to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time – air pollution. Born from a convergence of minds at the Parliament of Breaths and a network of diverse artists in the year 2019 (B.E. 2562), this endeavor emerged as a response to the critical issue of haze and pollution. By collaborating with artists, communities, and organizations, ART for AIR strives to raise awareness, foster understanding, and drive action in the face of environmental crises.


As the ART for AIR journey commenced, it focused its initial efforts on Chiang Mai, where the first phase took root. The haze crisis was a formidable adversary, demanding collective action to mitigate its impact. The challenge lay not only in combating air pollution but also in conveying the urgency of the situation through a medium that transcended language barriers and engaged the masses.


ART for AIR devised a unique solution that fused art and community engagement. Round 1 of the initiative unfolded as the “ART for AIR: Breathing New Life” exhibition in 2021 (B.E. 2564) across various cultural venues in Chiang Mai. The success of this event spurred the expansion of the initiative to ART for AIR 2, reaching beyond Chiang Mai to cities like Bangkok. This expansion aimed to broaden the scope of engagement and involve more artists and communities.


Throughout its journey, ART for AIR has left an indelible mark. The initiative has successfully organized more than 20 exhibitions, combining creative expression with environmental advocacy. These exhibitions have enabled the archiving of impactful artworks that capture the essence of the struggle against air pollution. The growth from ART for AIR 1’s Chiang Mai roots to the broader reach of ART for AIR 2 signifies a blossoming movement, uniting artistic voices in Bangkok and other cities to amplify awareness and inspire change.

Proud Contributors to the Fight Against Global Warming:

As the journey continues, ART for AIR takes immense pride in contributing to society’s fight against global warming. The initiative’s commitment to highlighting environmental issues through artistic expression fosters a sense of shared responsibility and urgency. Through its exhibitions and collaborations, ART for AIR not only documents the artistic response to air pollution but also sparks conversations that ripple through communities and transcend borders. By illuminating the path forward, ART for AIR stands as a beacon of hope, guiding us towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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