Thailand Pavilion, World Expo 2020

depa was responsible for the Thailand Pavilion booth at World Expo 2020 in Dubai, showcasing Thailand’s digital economy initiatives. They needed a solution to preserve the virtual experience of the pavilion for future use and to exhibit it at their new office in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). A360 was approached to capture and preserve the immersive content of the pavilion.


•depa wanted to ensure that the virtual experience of the Thailand Pavilion was archived and could be accessed and showcased in the future.

•Source of Documentation: The virtual experience captured by A360 would be the only source available to depa for preserving and showcasing the pavilion.


A360 deployed its advanced reality capture technology to capture the immersive content of the Thailand Pavilion at World Expo 2020. This included high-quality 360-degree photographs, virtual tours, and interactive elements that showcased the digital economy initiatives of Thailand.


•depa now has a comprehensive and immersive documentation of the Thailand Pavilion that can be accessed and showcased at any time. This ensures that the virtual experience of the pavilion is preserved for historical and promotional purposes.

•Exhibition at New Office: The archived content captured by A360 will be exhibited at depa ‘s new office in the Eastern Economic Corridor, allowing visitors to experience and learn about Thailand’s digital economy initiatives.


•The preserved virtual experience provides easy access to the Thailand Pavilion’s content, allowing depa to share and showcase their digital economy initiatives to a wider audience.

•The captured content serves as a powerful marketing tool for depa, enabling them to promote Thailand’s digital economy initiatives and attract potential investors and partners.

•By preserving the virtual experience, depa contributes to the historical documentation of Thailand’s participation in World Expo 2020, ensuring that future generations can learn about the country’s achievements in the digital economy sector.

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